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AR4300 1HE rackmonteringskit för upp till 4st AR300M mottagare, med antenndistribution samt både gemensamma och individuella utgångar i XLR och tele-format. Hörlursuttag med solo-funktion.


AirLine Synth Wireless Systems

began as a wireless technology company over 25 years ago. We packed our high-quality wireless gear with value and professional sound capability. Now, we introduce the most versatile, technologically advanced wireless system in our history: AirLine Synth.

With its sleek, frequency-agile micro transmitters, one button channel selection and infrared scanning, the technology behind our new AirLine Synth provides easy setup and clear reception at every gig in every location.

Ideal for media production, house of worship and of course, professional music production of all varieties, AirLine Synth is a true diversity system that is frequency selectable, with the capability of operating on over 300 frequencies with up to 11 simultaneous systems.

AR4300 - AirLine Synth Quad Module Rackmount

The AR4300 is designed to hold up to four AR300M receivers in a single rackspace. The AR4300 is a roadworthy, all-metal chassis with built-in antenna distribution. It also includes a headphone cue system for monitoring each channel or a mix of all four. Finally, the system includes individual channel XLR and 1/4-inch balanced outputs, mixed XLR and 1/4-inch balanced outputs, mic and line level switches on each output and an outside voltage-selectable power supply.


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