Walimex pro LED Ring Light 500 Bi Color RLL-500BV

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Product information "Walimex pro LED Ring Light 500 Bi Color RLL-500BV"

  • Modern and well-equipped LED ring lamp for photo and video shoots
  • External diameter of 49.5 cm, internal diameter of 36.5 cm
  • Output: 32 Watt, choice of 4 light sectors
  • Infinitely adjustable from 0 to 100 %
  • Bi-colour version, colour temperature adjustable from 3,000 to 5,600 Kelvin
  • Power supply from the mains or with 2x NP-F batteries
  • Includes tripod and camera mount
  • Ideal for portrait, macro and product photography or as a video light

The Walimex pro LED ring lamp 500 boasts the latest impressive features including the bi-colour function, individually controllable light sectors and an NP-F battery slot. Thanks the large number of features, you will be getting an excellent tool for extraordinarily successful shots as only a ring lamp can achieve.

Special light reflections and optimum light control
Thanks to the shape of the ring lamp, it is possible to achieve especially even illumination of faces and objects. Using it as a permanent light, it is possible to take macro shots and products photos with a wide aperture. Because the light falls backwards, the ring lamp creates an extraordinary and characteristic plasticity. In portrait photography, the ring lamp is used very widely and forms a basic tool. Striking eye reflections, an intense image depth and the soft hint of light make the ring lamp so appreciated by photographers.

The latest equipment with many helpful features
Ring lamps are very widely used in photography, but they do have disadvantages. With this ring lamp with LED technology, you can enjoy all the special features of a ring lamp, without having to put up with the disadvantages of older ring lamps. Thanks to the service life of the inbuilt LED lights, defective fluorescent tubes are a thing of the past.
The walimex pro LED ring lamp 500 bi-colour comes ex works with a diffuser disc. This ensures soft, glare-free light characteristics. What's more, the LED light is flicker-free and offers a very high light quality with a CRI value from 93 to 95 Ra. The brightness can be adjusted smoothly from 0 to 100 %, and the colour temperature can be set at between 3,200 and 6,600 Kelvin. The output of 23 Watt offers, in connection with the 60° angle of radiation of the light, a soft light that is still strong enough at a medium distance. As an additional feature, the light of this ring lamp can be controlled via four sectors that can be switched on individually.

Operated via the mains or with an NP-F battery
The walimex pro LED ring lamp 500 bi-colour light can be operated both via the mains or with a battery. An NP-F battery, which is cheaper and often more efficient, can, if necessary, provide energy for several hours of light.

Camera and tripod mount included
With the tripod mount provided, the ring lamp can easily be attached to all current light tripods with a 1/4 or 3/8-inch thread. The height of the mount can be adjusted. The camera is mounted on an L-shaped camera rail with a 1/4-inch camera fixation screw and can be slid forwards or backwards on it. This means you'll always be able to find the right position for your camera.

Padded bag for storage and transport
The bag that comes with the ring lamp has a foam inlay so you can store all parts of the ring lamp neatly. It will not take up too much room, and if needed it can be taken to the set.

  • Large LED ring lamp with many functions
  • Dimensions: 49.5 cm outer diameter, 36.5 cm inner diameter
  • Maximum power 32 Watt
  • Adjust the light output continuously from 0 % to 100 %
  • Colour temperature: 3,000 to 5,600 Kelvin
  • Light output: 1,320/0.5 m, 429 lux/1m, 121 lux/2m
  • CRI value 93 - 95 Ra (3,000 and 5,600 Kelvin)
  • Angle of radiation: 100°
  • Mains supply or NP-F battery
  • Includes tripod mount and camera rail
  • Includes transport and storage bag
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