PT4500, ficksändare

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PT4500, ficksändare. AKG 4500-serien är framtagen för professionellt bruk med stryktåliga mottagare och sändarenheter i metall. Möjlighet till övervakning via PC och upp till 70 system kan köras samtidigt ! 

  • Bodypack transmitter with rugged aluminium body
  • 30 MHz wide UHF band, up to 1200 selectable frequencies
  • Backlit display and jog switch for ease of use
  • Up to 50 mW RF output for maximum immunity to interference and dropouts
  • Optional remote mute switch
  • Operates for up to 15 hours on AA size dry batteries, 12 hours on optional BP 4000 battery pack with integrated Smart Battery Management System
  • Charging contacts for easy battery charging on optional charger

Bodypack transmitter with rugged rugged aluminium body. The 30 MHz wide UHF band provides up to 1200* selectable frequencies, and several preset frequency banks for various countries help you set up a multichannel system very quickly.

A backlit display makes it very easy to tune the PT 4500 to the same frequency as the SR 4500 receiver. A pilot tone system continuously sends transmitter data including MUTE switch position and remaining battery life to the receiver. Integrated charging contacts let you charge the optional BP 4000 battery pack without having to remove it from the transmitter. After only one hour, the battery pack will be fully charged and you can use the transmitter for 12 hours continuously. The 3-pin mini XLR input with adjustable gain accommodates both portable instruments and a variety of AKG microphones for every application.

An optional RMS 4000 remote mute switch allows the user to mute the transmitter without having to fumble for the on-board mute switch.

The PT 4500 is fully compatible to its predecessor PT 4000. It offers two additional frequency bands in the range of 500 to 530 and 570 to 600 MHz, which give you even more flexibility in multichannel applications.

* The number of channels that can be used simultaneously depends on local frequency plans.

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