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Walimex Translucent Light Umbrella white, 110cm


Walimex Reflex Umbrella gold, 110cm

Walimex Reflex Umbrella gold, 84cm

Varumärke: WALIMEX
Artikelnummer: 12134

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You obtain clear illumination with strong contrasts and brilliant colours with this reflector umbrella, which is gold-coated on the inside. It is particularly suitable for product photography or to accentuate moods in portrait photography. The flexible alternatives for use and storage make it an ideal companion "on location". The translucent light umbrella is simply attached to the umbrella bracket of your studio flashgun.

  • the quickest and inexpensivest way of obtaining soft light
  • ideal for portraits
  • quickly opened and ready for use
  • quickly mounted to the flash
  • ideal for on the go
  • doesn't require much storage space
  • umbrella rod: Ø 0.8cm