walimex pro LED Video Light Bi-Color with 144 LED

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Taking  videos with your DSLR camera are a great opportunity to capture special events  and therewith to create memories for life. No matter if in private matters,  e.g. vacation, Sunday walk with your kids or in professional photo and video  area, there are a lot of occasions. Unfortunately, lacking ambient light leads  to bad results, which could tarnish your joy. Avoid this by using the LED Video  Light from walimex pro!

The  Light, which is equipped with 144 little LED, is mainly characterized through  its stepless regulation of the colour temperature. Therewith the light can be  adapted to the existing ambient light without problems, e.g. neon light,  flash/daylight, halogen light. You can adjust the colour temperature between  3200K and 5600K. You can achieve even more flexibility regarding the light  output through the stepless dimming, which provides additional adjustment  possibilities. Thanks to the diffusion plate, which can be easily slided in  front of the LED, you can provide soft and pleasing light.

A small  ball head makes your Video Light flexible. A test button on the rear side of  the device shows the charge condition of the battery. Thanks to the elaborate  construction, the LED Light from walimex pro can be combined with other devices  and therewith upgrade to e.g. one big fluorescent light.

Product features:

  • professional  illuminating power for video and camcorder
  • special  highlight: colour temperature is steplessly adjustable from 3200K to 5600K
  • diffusion  plate for convenient sliding in and out
  • test  button showing the battery charge condition
  • light  output can be dimmed steplessly
  • 1/4 inch  thread on the device
  • light  output: from 140-220 Lux, dependent from colour temperature adjustment
  • incl.  charger and two NP-F550 battery in convenient carrying bag

LED    Video Light 
Light Output (at 2m distance)79 Lux at 5600K
      97 Lux at 4500K
      64 Lux at 3200K
Colour Temperature3200K-5600K
Operating Voltage7,4V-14,8V
Dimensions (LxWxH)approx. 13,5x15x3,5cm
Weight (without battery)approx. 550g
Battery    NP-F550 
Dimensions (LxWxH)approx. 7x4x2cm
Weightapprox. 95g

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