Walimex pro LED Video Light Bi-Color 312 LED

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Extremely well-suited for video recordings
The LED video light Bi-Color by walimex pro is very well-suited for video recordings. Due to its flicker-free light characteristic, the panel light is ideal for high frame rates. Especially in the portrait and reportage fields, the video light proves itself. The color temperature of the LED can be adjusted steplessly from 3300 to 6300K; therefore it can be flexibly adjusted to various color temperatures, e.g. energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lights, or daylight. The light output can be adjusted steplessly as well with a maximum output of 210 Lux (at a cold color temperature) and 190 Lux (at a warm color temperature).

Extensive accessories

A diffuser panel is included in delivery which ensures a softer light characteristic and therefore is ideal for the portrait and reportage fields. The diffuser panel is simply attached with magnets, which allows a quick attachment and detachment. As no elements are being worn down this way, the lifetime of the LED light and diffuser panel is considerably increased. The LED is mounted via a 1/4 inch thread. Additionally, a ball head with accessory shoe is available to you, which allows you to tilt the LED light and therefore determine the light direction even more precisely.

Flexible and mobile

The LED light with its high quality plastic casing is ideal for mobile use as it is very lightweight. It can be powered with two batteries or with the power cord directly. This is ideal when recording for longer periods of time, and it is also fully useable when the batteries are dead or you forgot to bring the charger. For charging the batteries, a charger is included, as well as a 12V car cable which allows you to charge the batteries via the cigarette lighter in your car. For protecting your equipment, a padded transport bag is included.

Product features:

  • ideal for video recordings, as it is flicker-free
  • extremely well-suited for recordings in the portrait and reportage field
  • light output can be adjusted steplessly, maximum 210 Lux (cold) and 190 Lux (warm)
  • color temperature can be adjusted steplessly from 3300 to 6300K
  • with diffuser panel, mountable via magnet
  • with a 1/4 inch thread
  • tiltable due to optionally mountable ball head
  • high-quality plastic casing
  • with 2 batteries, battery charger and 12V car cable
  • can be used without batteries with power cord
  • incl. padded transport bag

Light Output210 Lux (cold)
190 Lux (warm) (at 2m distance)
Color Temperature3300-6300 Kelvin
Connection1/4 inch
Dimensions (LxBxT) without Adapterapprox. 19x11x3cm
Weight (without Batteries)approx. 330g
Materialaluminum casing

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