walimex pro Daylight 1050 with Softbox, Ø90cm Item number: 16840

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With the Daylight 1050 you will get a powerful continuous light with seven daylight lamps à 30 Watt. It is ideally suitable to set products in the right light, for example in food photography. But it is also suited for video shootings with sound, because the device doesn´t produce any working noise. Thanks to the cold light sources , the heat development will be reduced significantly, a very important plus factor for every studio photographer.  

The most superb kind of continuous light supply: This is what we promise with the new Daylight plus Softbox from our walimex pro series. The devices offer consistent power and uncompromising quality for many years. And is it not a high-quality studio equipment, which is – in addition to the own skills – the key for great pictures!?

But the Daylight does not only convinces through its low heat development, but also and mainly through its flexibility and variability. That is to say that the lamps can be switched on and off in three segments. Therewith you can control your light according to your requirements and adjust due to your motif. You can also adjust the tilt angle on the locking lever flexibly. Additionally, you will receive a front diffusor, with which you can realize soft and even illuminations.

Taking pictures with the continuous light from walimex pro: Studio compliant top quality for a sensational price!

Product features:
  • powerful continuous light with 1500 Lux
  • uncomplicated type of lighting
  • can be used with compact cameras
  • perfectly suitable for product photography, e.g. food
  • cold light source reduces heat development in studio
  • with 7 environment-friendly 30W bulbs instead of conventional 1050W
  • convenient: bulbs can be switched on and off in 3 segments
  • colour temperature: 5400K
  • E27 lamp sockets
  • Octagon Softbox Ø90cm for a rounder, more natural eye light
  • incl. bag and diffusor


Daylight 1050 
Dimensions (LxWxD)approx. 40x32x7cm
Output7x 30W Daylight Spiral Lamp  (instead of conventional 1050W lamps)
Light Output1500 Lux (at 2m distance/ISO 100)
VoltageAC 220-230V/50Hz
Cable Lengthapprox. 400cm
Color temperature5400K
Weightapprox. 4000g
Diameterapprox. 90cm
Materialsynthetic fiber
Daylight Spiral Lamp  
Performance data and references as per EG-Regulation    Nr. 244/2009 guideline 2005/32/EG
Item DescriptionDaylight Spiral Lamp  30W
Nominal/ Rated wattage30W
Nominal voltage 220-240V    / 50-60Hz / 80mA
Number of switching cycles before parmanent lamp failure>6000
Nominal lifetime8000h
Color temperature5400K
Rated warm-up time  (60%)0,5s
Dimensionsapprox. l 180mm, Ø 60mm
Content of mercury<2,0mg
Cleaning instruction in case of breakageclick here
Nominal/ Rated luminous flux1650lm
Lumen main. fact. at  end of nominal lifetime>    50%
Starting time1s
Color rendering index Ra85

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