Daylight 2250 + Soft Box 60x90cm

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Optimal illumination and soft lighting
The Daylight with 2250W is a very high-performance continuous light, which ensures ideal results in product and portrait photography due to its power. The soft box with front diffuser ensures a soft and even lighting.

For flexible and comfortable working
The lights can be switched on and off depending on your requirements which makes you more flexible in your work. The Daylight can be mounted on a lamp tripod both horizontally and vertically. Additionally, the daylight as a cold light source reduces the heat development which makes for a more pleasant working atmosphere.

Environmentally friendly and economical
The  Daylight 2250 requires a lot less electricity than comparable light systems (5x450W). For this reason, it is environmentally friendly and is also easy on your budget.

Product features:

  • high-performance continuous light
  • uncomplicated kind of lighting
  • cold light source reduces development of heat in the studio
  • 5 environment-friendly 85W lamps instead of common 5x450W
  • individual lamps can be switched on and off: 2, 3 or 5 lamps on
  • color temperature: 5400K
  • E27 lamp sockets
  • with soft box 60x90cm and front diffuser
  • can be mounted on lamp tripod horizontally or vertically

Daylight 2250 with Soft Box  
Dimensions Soft Box (HxW) approx. 60x90cm
Power 5x85W spiral daylight lamps (=2250W conventional)
Color Temperature 5400K
Socket E27
Cable Length approx. 4.4m
Connection 5/8 inch
Total Weight approx. 2.6kg
Material plastic, synthetic fiber, metal

Performance data and references as per EG-Regulation Nr. 244/2009 guideline 2005/32/EG

Item Description Daylight Spiral Lamp 85W
Socket E27
Nominal/ Rated wattage 85W
Nominal voltage 220-240V / 50-60Hz / 80mA
Number of switching cycles before parmanent lamp failure >10000
Nominal lifetime 8000h
Color temperature 5400K
Rated warm-up time (60%) 0,6s
Dimmable no
Dimensions approx. l 220mm, Ø 75mm
Content of mercury <1,6mg
Nominal/ Rated luminous flux 3000lm
Lumen main. fact. at end of nominal lifetime > 50%
Starting time 0,6s
Color rendering index Ra 82-85
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