Walimex pro Motif Cloth Background 'Lovely', 3x6m

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You are looking for an attractive background? You have come to the right place, because we have hand-made backgrounds in our assortment. The motif will be supplied by airbrush on the high-quality cloth. The result is a unique background.
The bright red symbolizes a powerful and meaningful Background. The stylish decoration with roses is therefore ideal for Mother´s Day and Valentine´s Day. The three-dimensional roses are especially on the right side of the background, so that the left side can be used as normal red background.

Special feature: The drawing is separated in background and ground area (after approximately half of the total height). Thereby, the structured ground area-without motif- can also be used as single background.

  • 2 in 1 background: one half slightly mottled, one half with motif
  • high-quality cloth background
  • attractive patterning
  • cloth weight 140g/m², 100% cotton
  • with channel for background rod (approx. Ø 6cm)
  • hemed edges
  • without disturbing center seam
  • doesn´t reflect
  • hand-dyed
  • first-class workmanship and quality
  • please note, that the colour on your monitor can diverge from the original colour

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